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Our Impact




To contribute to wellbeing (“ginhawa”) through the sustainability of Filipino artisanal craftsmanship (“gawa”)




We believe that wellbeing can concretely start from fairer remuneration. By giving the artisans a boost to their income, it contributes to their family health and sense of dignity. When the artisans feel that their work is valued, they take great pride in it.


Health is also a major issue in the communities that we work with, and it contributes to most of the household expenses. When we take care of the artisans' wellbeing, we also increase their quality of life.



Craft is both the rigor involved in the artisan's work and the quality of their products. We aim to showcase Filipino craftsmanship to the world and highlight the talent of Filipino artisans.


Furthermore, craft also refers to the cultural aspect of the living tradition. Weaving is one of the living traditions languishing in many communities around the country. Being an intergenerational craft, its sustainability is heavily dependent on those who will inherit it, but many of the youth would rather not take on the craft. Most of the time, economic circumstances drive weavers to abandon weaving both as a tradition and a livelihood. Weaving can only continue if the younger generation is engaged.

We want to work with the communities and their local ecosystem to continue the craft through craft education and skills building.