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Classic White Inabel Blanket


This abel iloco blanket was woven by two handloom weavers in La Union, Philippines, which has a weaving tradition and history that goes as far back as the galleon trade during the Spanish period. To make a blanket in La Union, the weavers sit side by side on a floor loom, throwing and catching the shuttle (a tool that holds thread for the warp) to create the fabric. The wooden pedals they use vary depending on the inabel design. For this particular design called, trambia, they use a 4-pedal loom.

Many Filipinos who grew up using this blanket can attest that it's good for both cold and warm temperatures, and it is because of how tight the threads are woven, which contributes to breathability.


Size: Queen (60” W X 80” L)

Color: White



Weave: Inabel (handwoven fabric from the Ilocos region) 

Inabel design: Trambia banig-banig

Materials: cotton, polyester



Hand wash at 40°C. If machine wash is preferred, use a warm low spin cycle.


Hang damp from line or bar. It is better for the fabric and for the environment. Tumble drying is not recommended, but if necessary, use a Delicate/Gentle cycle setting.


Customer Reviews

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Patricia Paredes
So comforting

It's so soft and comforting. It has just the right amount of weight on my body to keep me snug in my bed at night.