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Why WVN Living?

Why WVN Living?

Weaving is considered to be a Filipino living tradition. The Life Lore Institute defines a living tradition as "an intellectual and/or practical discipline centred in a long-standing cultural heritage, usually preserved and handed down through an oral tradition and heritage or apprenticeship system; involving wisdom, reflective practice, and continuity."
  • Living traditions depend on the culture bearers and their supporters to keep them alive. Their practice is handed down from generation to generation, often involving oral transmission. 
  • Living tradition bearers will find their own blend of innovation and traditionalism, infusing the heritage and legacy of their tradition with life through their living.
  • How these traditions are borne out helps us build on values and the best practices from the past, to maintain a healthy balance between intangible values and the tangible manifestations of those values in daily life.
  • It’s common for artisans to abandon their skills for other livelihoods. As a result, weavers are becoming older, with few in the younger generations wanting to learn.

We have the unique opportunity to keep a living tradition alive and sustainable by embracing it as part of our lifestyle. WVN Living advocates that living traditions can remain relevant by integrating them in our daily lives.