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FEATURE: Pauline Banta and the lessons she learned during the pandemic

FEATURE: Pauline Banta and the lessons she learned during the pandemic

The pandemic has affected so many, but each of us have our own story. Pauline Banta shares how she has coped with life in lockdown and what gives her comfort during these trying times.

 As a mother of two, Pauline juggles her time with both kids, who have had to adjust during the pandemic, because they have been used to travel, going outside and playing with other kids. But because the pandemic situation restricts them from doing so, one of Pauline's dilemmas is around her rule on screentime. Normally, she would rarely allow them any, but in this situation it has become very difficult to continue to prohibit this, especially when the kids are so bored at home already. Though one thing has really helped her – going to the park has become a breather.

One important thing that she has learned during the pandemic is that "bonding as a family is really important during this trying time and it really helped us more to spend more time together."  



The experience of being with the kids 24/7 has helped her become more patient. She realized something really important throughout all of this, "I should still savor every moment because time is fleeting and one day, they will be on their own."



At the end of the day, what brings her comfort is knowing that her family is healthy, safe at home and complete.