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FEATURE: Marilen Montenegro and the simple things

FEATURE: Marilen Montenegro and the simple things

Marilen Montenegro's shift to fitness and health manifests in her glow. On our Instagam Live, you could really see the natural fit of the role on her.

After coming face to face with the virus last year, Marilen Montenegro was able to change many things, including the ability to train her mindset so that emotions don't control her body. 

Like many of us, Marilen says that the most difficult part during this pandemic was controlling anxiety. But last year, a serendipitous opportunity landed on her lap, and that was her shift from interior designer to health and fitness coach and certified nutritionist. 

She attended many bio-hacking conferences and auto-immune conventions. She now has various modalities from Heartmath Breathing Techniques, Multipoint Stimulation acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, naturopathy and homeopathy. 

    It allowed her to expand her knowledge so that she can control her health with the proper food. Through the different modalities, she learned also helped her control stress levels. Her new knowledge improved many of her own physical markers, such as organic acids, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass. She's also been able to manage the health of her family.  

    The transformation was a natural fit as she enjoyed fitness and was always into healthy food choices, natural wellness and health modalities. 

    With all things happening, she finds comfort in knowing that she is blessed with the simple things that she enjoys, like getting sunshine, an outdoor walk, cuddles with her kids and exercise sessions. 

    Her wellbeing journey is inspiring to see, especially during the pandemic. She has been able to take this situation in her hands and create her own silver lining. 


    As our wellbeing partner, you can get a free consultation from her and can find her here.

    You can also check out our Mid-Year 2019 towels and bedspread, which were made in partnership with Marilen Montenegro, who designed these with us and were handwoven by our partner artisans in La Union.