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FEATURE: Kitty Dulay-Ferreria on her personal wellbeing

FEATURE: Kitty Dulay-Ferreria on her personal wellbeing


While wellbeing is at the core of her work with clients, Transformational Coach Kitty Dulay-Ferreria now gives us a glimpse into her life as a wife and mom to two growing kids during the pandemic, talking about how she too finds it challenging to keep her own wellbeing barometer level at a 10.



Kitty shares her fair share of challenges, like not being able to go out to explore and be with others. She misses soaking in experiences both big and small, like traveling somewhere new, or watching her children play in the park and being able to learn about the outside world.  She also misses seeing loved ones face-to-face and without restriction.


Aside from her own challenges, she knows that the hardest part is that people are struggling every day with the impact of COVID – how it’s taken lives and how it’s brought instability everywhere it goes.


While the pandemic has been really tough, she says that “perspective has been its gift”, as it has helped her think about what matters most, like being able to spend this time with family.





Ultimately, it is her faith that anchors her. "I try to actively surrender what I cannot understand and control."


She gives a rundown of some of the wellbeing tools that have worked for her:


  • A regular practice of checking each of my ‘rooms’—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


  • Strengthening my internal barometer for wellbeing which tells me when I need to recharge. I’ve learned the hard way (and the lesson keeps repeating) that when I push the point of depletion, I’ve waited too long to rest and restore. 


  • Now, I try more consciously to do a little bit of recharge as soon as I feel a bit of a stretch. Small things like listening to upbeat music—a song or 2 by Tom Misch or FKJ—can do wonders for me. 


  • I’ve also taken time to discover new activities that are restorative and bring joy. Now that there are less options for ‘recharge’ activities, I’ve had to explore alternatives and discover other ways to tap into Play. I’ve expanded the types of books that I’m reading, been more selective about the types of movies/shows I watch (iwas stress!), and found new relaxing activities to do with my kids like board games. 


  • Having quiet time in prayer and meditation has also helped emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For this I sometimes use Insight Timer, Reimagining the Examen, Sacred Space apps. Other times all I need to do is lock the door and close my eyes.


Even with her training and her own set of wellbeing tools, she admits that she still gets easily triggered at times. These result to grumpy moments or letting her emotions get the best of her. She gives us some good words of wisdom for when these things happen:


“I just try to give myself grace. I acknowledge that these are unusual times and everyone is having a hard time, myself included. Still a work-in-progress, and that’s okay."


Watch the Instagram Live to hear more about the strategies.